We are interested in you getting two things: positive results for your advertising campaigns, and comprehensive control over them. That’s why we continue to expand our collaboration with the most trustworthy tracking solutions on the market and to reduce the number of complications in your workflow. Today, we want to present Thrive tracker, which will help you know everything about your campaigns – read on for even more great features.

PropellerAds is happy to introduce you our new partner – AdsBridge, provider of intelligent tracking software for affiliate marketers, agencies & advertisers.
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A high bounce rate can be the result of a number of different issues on your website. Maybe your pages load too slow, the keywords you targeted are bringing in the wrong type of traffic or your website layout is not optimised. Whatever the reason, having a high bounce rate is bad for business.
Why is this bad? Well for one, it reduces your organic reach which means your website receives less traffic. Secondly, a high bounce reduces the amount of times your ad-units are shown, reducing your eCPM.
If you stay with us for the next 7 minutes, we will explain how bounce rate is calculated and provide 7 ways you can reduce it.