In rapidly changing digital marketing environment it’s highly necessary to stay on top of trends. Investing in cryptocurrency is a strong trend, gaining traction with the fast rise of Bitcoin in 2017. Therefore, we just can’t miss the first-ever Crypto-Themed Affiliate Conference in Prague!
The upcoming Crypto Affiliate Conference (CRAC 2017) is looked to be the largest cryptocurrency-focused events of the year in Eastern Europe. It is expected to gather hundreds of top affiliates, speakers, and sponsors. Thus, there will be an excellent opportunity to learn about new crypto-related issues and products as well as to inspect offers first-hand!
The CRAC 2017 will be held at the Boscolo luxury hotel. The unique style and atmosphere, gorgeous food, hot coffee, two parties will contribute to comfortable learning and networking experience.
Hurry up to book a meeting and meet us at Crypto Affiliate Conference:
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See you in Prague!

For information on exhibiting, sponsoring or attending the Crypto Affiliate Conference event, please visit the official website.