Just look at the upcoming events list! It looks like we’re spending this September in Europe. Would you like to join us?
We’re starting in London at the SBC Betting on Sports 2017. The conference brings together hundreds of professionals in the sports & betting niches, so get ready to hear industry insights and see some of the market’s fresh trends come to life.
We also have some big news to share:

  • The brand new Retargeting Solution is available for all our partners now. Get more conversions with a smaller advertising budget, and stay in touch with your bettors for as long as you need.
  • Learn more about our new Mobile Push Notification ad format. It’s very user-friendly and can boast of an extremely high CTR.
  • Take advantage of the Video Ads and tell your brand’s story with beautiful imagery and sound. You’ll see performance metrics start to grow across other advertising channels, too.

There’s a lot more! Schedule an appointment, and our team will be happy to choose the best advertising solutions for your gaming business.
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See you in London!

For information on exhibiting, sponsoring, or attending the Betting on Sports 2017 event, please visit the official website