We’ve prepared a quick checklist for launching a successful campaign on our Self-Serve Advertising Platform. Enjoy these tips and tricks from our partners – top affiliate marketers.

1. Choose the right offer to promote

Verticals are niche groups of offers, such as mobile apps, dating, sweepstakes, online games, binary options, forex trading e.t.c. No matter how hard you try and how experienced you are, you can’t make a bad offer convert. But a good vertical will have high conversion rates even if you are a newbie.
For popunder traffic, best converting verticals are:

  • Sweepstakes: Prize giveaways in which the winners are chosen at random.
  • Pin-submits: Mostly mobile-based content products that users subscribe to and then receive on a regular basis.
  • Mobile: App downloads (games, utilities) and other offers for various mobile devices.
  • Finances: Offers such as binary options, payday loans, forex brokers, and credit reporting services.

2. Find trusted paid hosting provider

Pay attention to speed, reliability, and support team availability. Check out forums and blogs related to affiliate marketing (AffiliateFix, StackThatMoney, and others). Most marketers post detailed follow-alongs, naming services they use including hosting providers, trackers, and CPA networks (Cost-Per-Action).
We also recommend using CDN (Content Delivery Network) if you want to minimize traffic loss and especially if you plan to run campaigns on global offers for different geos such as Thailand, India, and other countries with lots of cheap traffic.

3. Prepare landing pages

Sending traffic directly to a CPA offer link is the simplest but also the least effective way to start your affiliate campaign. By creating your own landing page (LP), you will have wider opportunities to capture leads, presell your audience, and do A/B split testing.
Good LPs attract and navigate your users’ interest and encourage them to take action. Of course, content depends on the offer you choose to promote, but testing is the key to success here. Your aim is to find the best-converting LP+offer pair.
Prepare different LP versions, and don’t forget to test their speed performance. Remember that a slowly loading page can cost you conversions. Use Google’s PageSpeed Tool to check your pages and receive recommendations for their optimization.

Need an assistance? Our creative team is ready to help you by preparing and optimizing landing pages for you.

4. Set up conversion tracking

Conversion tracking shows how your campaigns are performing, so you can stop ineffective ones early before wasting too much money on them. Tracking also provides you with optimization data so you can make blacklists and whitelists for ad zones (placements or traffic vendors) and increase the ROI of your effective campaigns.
Our Self-Serve Platform already contains the most important feature for setting up conversion tracking for CPA campaigns: postback URLs with token support.
Setup conversions tracking with PropellerAds postback & tokens
If you need an advanced solution, we recommend trying Voluum or AdsBridge, the most reliable tracking services on the market. Both of them already contain pre-made templates of PropellerAds postback URLs that make conversion tracking setup much easier.

5. Use targetings to reach your audience

Ready to launch a campaign? Learn your audience! The more you know about your audience, the more relevant your ads will be and the more cost-effectively your campaigns will perform.
Then, set up a campaign using the target users’ language, geo, OS, browser, device, connection type, and other advanced targeting settings.
Advanced targeting settings
Remember: Precise targeting not only brings conversions, it also saves your budget! Don’t pay for visitors with iOS if you’re promoting utility for Android, and stop wasting money showing LATAM offers for Spanish markets to English-speaking users.

6. Test, analyze, optimize!

As soon as your new campaign starts getting traffic, don’t forget to monitor its performance using our advanced filters and groupings to break down your statistical data. Our statistics update every minute – that’s important so you can see what’s happening with your campaigns and quickly adjust settings to get the best results.
Control your campaigns performance
Take advantage of black- and white-listing to take full control of your traffic flow and get rid of ineffective zones.
A/B testing is the king! Found a well-converting offer? Try to look at it from different angles, playing with content and styles of LPs. Test several messages and calls to action. And don’t forget about different times of day and night.
As soon as you find the best converting offer+LP pairs, your funnels are all set . When they bring profit, it’s time to scale!

Are you ready? Start converting!

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