In 2015, 33.4% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. According to Mary Meeker’s report, 29% percent of people’s daily screen time is spent looking at smartphones.
No wonder advertising on mobile platforms is becoming more and more attractive for brands. By 2017 this market is expected to grow to $42 billion.
Mobile user experience is becoming more and more important for publishers’ success. However only 30% of all websites are optimised for mobile devices right now. Some webmasters still ignore the fact that mobile traffic needs a different approach and try to monetise it with traditional “desktop” approaches.
Let’s see how traditional banner ads work on mobile devices and that the most common problems are.
1. Website is not optimized for mobile viewing: banners are not seen for most visitors.

2. Mobile optimized website: banners overlap the content and get a lot of accidental clicks.
To convert well the ad should be visible and attractive and it should encourage the intended click-throughs. The best format to meet these conditions for desktop was banner ads.
But as we see from the pictures above, traditional desktop banner ads do not look good on mobile.
There are several obvious drawbacks:

  • Banners can stay out of users’ field of view. They might simply be too small to notice.
  • The image and call-to-action ares hardly visible due to limited space on the banner unit.
  • Banners attract a lot of accidental clicks as they are placed mostly inside the content or near the navigation dashboard.
  • Banner ads sometimes use reach media and Flash which are not supported by most mobile devices.
  • If you have a mobile version of your site, you have to optimise every banner so that you do not reduce the quality of your vistors’ experience.ot to hurt userexperience of your visitors.

All these factors decrease the number of click-throughs you’ll get from your ads and so affect your final income.
Traditional banners are easy to create and user-friendly, but they are statistically less effective in the mobile environment than their full-screen analogues. Based on our publishers’ results, banners generate the least profit among all ad types.

So what should a publisher choose to engage mobile audience?

The most widespread alternatives to banners are Interstitial Ads and Dialog Ads (many of our publishers are successfully working with both formats already).
We’ve analysed the main performance indicators for traditional desktop and mobile banners and compared them with the results our special mobile ad units show (Dialog Ads & Interstitials).
See the diagram below.
CTR statistic on mobile
eCPM statistic on mobile
* Average data, based on 18 674 410 010 ad impressions on mobile devices
As you can see, the absolute leader in CTR and eCPM rates is the Interstital Ad format.
It’s CTR is 7 times higher and eCPM is more than 8 times higher than with traditional banners.

So what are Interstitial Ads?

Main advantages: visually compelling, eye-catching, high conversions, 100% mobile friendly
Interstitial Ads ares a full-screen ad format that can be used both for mobile application and for web-sites. Intersitial works perfectly even if your site is not optimised for mobile.
As a result, it is currently one of the most profitable ad formats for monetising mobile traffic.

Why is it so effective on mobiles?

Interstitial is a profitable solution both for advertisers and webmastes. This ad format enables you to display vivid and engaging images with a clear call-to-action and this hat catches visitors’ attention and generates higher conversions.
It has a variety of flexible options which help to reduce users’ irritation and minimise the amount of accidental click-throughs.
Publishers can easily customise Interstitial Ads’ frequency (number of times a unique user sees an ad over 24 hours), delayed call, auto-close (after X seconds) and other options to improve user experience.
This format is 100% mobile optimised. Interstitial always stays in your users’ field of view and can be easily closed if the visitor is not interested in the offer.

What is Dialog Ads (PushUp) format?

Main advantages: safe looking, simple design, high conversions, optimised for all screen sizes
A Dialog Ad format is displayed as a small dialog box inside a mobile application or on a website. Just like Interstitial Ads, Dialog Ads work perfectly even is the site is not adapted for mobile devices.

Why is it so effective on mobile?

The Dialog Ad delivers a strong and clear call-to-action and can be easily closed if the user is not interested. It is displayed as a system notification and looks safe and natural inside an app or on a site’s pages.
It’s flexible and mobile friendly. Dialog Ads can be displayed on all mobile devices with any screen resolution. It quickly catches attention and stays in your visitor’s field of view.
There is a variety of customisation options that enable you to find a balance between high conversions and protecting your users’ experience.
Dialog Ads areis a perfect choice for generating additional income from mobile visitors.

Why are mobile formats so profitable with Propeller Ads?

  •  High eCPM rates, 100% international traffic monetisation
  •  Full ad coverage across all mobile devices, OS and GEOs, both 3G and Wi-Fi.
  •  Easy to integrate ad tags. You don’t need to change anything in your site’s structure.
  • Works even if your site doesn’t have a mobile version.
  • Only relevant and high quality ads.
  • No redirecting that might lead to search system sanctions. Users can easily return back to your site.
  • Ads don’t cover the content and irritate users. Interstitial and Dialog Ads appear once and can be easily closed.
  • Fullscreen format gives the publisher an opportunity to reduce the amount of banners on the site and concentrate the user’s attention on one bright ad.

How can you choose the best format for your site?

Based on our statistics of million mobile users’ behaviour, we’ve put together some guidelines for properly choosing an ad format for different kinds of sites.
Mobile Interstitial work best for these types of sites:

  • sites with “viral” content (read our case)
  • entertainment
  • news & portals
  • mobile games/apps, news
  • movies

Dialog Ads are recommended for sites with this kind of content:

  • music
  • download websites
  • software directories
  • streaming video

But we shouldn’t forget that every site is unique and there is no universal solution for all types of site. We strongly recommend that you to test both formats to find out which is the best for your site.

See for yourself how effective mobile formats are

Monetize mobile traffic
Here is ahe screenshot with one of our publishers’ profits. On May 4h he replaced banners to Mobile Interstitials in addition to Onclick Popunder. As you can see from the photo his income doubled with less amount of impressions! Looks great, doesn’t it?
Don’t waste your time. Start monetising with the leaders of your industry. Don’t forget – the world has changed. And if you don’t change with it, you’ll fail.
Happy monetizing!
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