Summer draws to a close, so we prepared some awesome gifts to make your day. We hereby announce summer’s last giveaway Case Study Contest!
Using our Self-Service Advertising Platform? Write about how it works and be rewarded with $3,000 to your advertiser account!

Ready? Follow this Simple Winning Formula

Step 1

Write review article, guide or case study of your experience with PropellerAds Self-Service Platform for Advertisers. Please mark advantages and disadvantages of the platform, to help us improve our service.

We welcome stories written in all languages, including your native ones, engaging the phrase throughout popular communities in your country or city. Take advantage of the knowledge you have of your nearby market!

Step 2

Publish your article. Some possible places to publish are (but are not limited to):

  • Personal blog (related to marketing or similar subject);
  • Professional affiliate marketing forums e.g.,,,, (don’t forget to follow terms of the communities!);
  • Social media like Facebook or LinkedIn (there are 2 hashtags needed: #affiliatemarketing and #propellerads).

Step 3

Send the link to the article to our e-mail: (naming the subject “Review contest”).  The competition will be held from August 1st to August 31st, 2016. The results will be announced on September, 5th.
The authors of the 3 best reviews or case studies will be rewarded* as follows:

1st place – $3,000
2nd place – $1,500
3rd place – $500

*Reward will be credited to your advertiser account in PropellerAds Self-Service Platform and can’t be transferred out to any payment systems.
One winning case study may be published on our website as guest post with your authorship kept.

Contest Terms

  • Your content must be original, with 95-100% of uniqueness and consist of at least 250 words.
  • Make sure your review is focused on your own experience of using the PropellerAds Self-Service Platform.
  • Use your personal knowledge of regional communities – No restrictions; write in any language.
  • Usage of screenshots, images or videos is optional, but will make your review more attractive to readers

Go and share your experience for money!

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