We are interested in you getting two things: positive results for your advertising campaigns, and comprehensive control over them. That’s why we continue to expand our collaboration with the most trustworthy tracking solutions on the market and to reduce the number of complications in your workflow. Today, we want to present Thrive tracker, which will help you know everything about your campaigns – read on for even more great features.

PropellerAds is proud of being officially added as a pre-defined traffic source by the Thrive Tracker. This means that you can now add PropellerAds to Thrive campaign in about 4 clicks.
Don’t miss your chance to get a special limited Thrive bonus for PropellerAds users only – 50% off the first month on any cloud & self-hosted plan you want!
Visit our Special Offers under your Advertiser account to see bonus details and take advantage of this offer!

How do you use the pre-defined traffic source template?

Speed up your campaign’s tracking with Thrive & PropellerAds

  • Log in to your Thrive account and choose the “Traffic Sources” tab.
  • Click “Add New Traffic Source” from the left navigation menu.
  • Select “PropellerAds” from the drop-down list, and Thrive will pre-populate all the necessary settings for postback URL.
  • Don’t forget to change “REPLACE” to actual IDs (aid & tid) from the “Conversion Tracking” screen in your advertiser’s account.

That’s it!

Detailed step-by-step guide is available in our Knowledge Base.

Track, analyze, and optimize dozens of custom meta data points and multi-variable reports with Thrive! Thrive’s Cloud Service is globally-distributed with hundreds of click-tracking servers in Amazon data centers, so your redirects are as fast as possible, worldwide. Thrive also has such advanced features as 100% click-tracking up-time due to geo load balancing Cloaker/Bot Filter & Multi-User Access.
Additionally, check out the Landing Page Pixel feature. Essentially, it’s possible to no longer require a Thrive campaign redirect to track your clicks and split test offers. This should be really great for any mobile/pop campaigns where redirect latency can make a huge difference in performance.
For more information about Thrive Tracking, visit the official website.

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up conversion tracking – contact our support team from your advertiser account.

Increase your tracking opportunities with Thrive and PropellerAds!

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