There have been some powerful upgrades going on with our Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers lately. Are you already feeling curious? Great! Make yourself comfortable and let us tell you more about the new October features.

New Ad Delivery method

We know how important it is to provide you with more control on your campaigns through Self-Serve Platform. So another one is finally here. You can now choose how to deliver your ads: quickly get as much traffic as possible (default method) or evenly distributed across the entire day. This option affects the distribution of your average daily budget accordingly – it can be spent faster or evenly in 24 hours.
Choose Ad Delivery Method
To change your campaign’s ad delivery method, go to Campaign Schedule section and switch the option.

Zone Limitation threshold increased

This is what helps you run really cost-effective campaigns. We’ve updated the limit and now you can exclude (or include) up to 1000 ad zones from your campaign (it was 500 until the update). So, no more budget wastage. Work only with profitable zones, make your targeting as precise as possible. Isn’t it a good moment to launch a new campaign?

Buying traffic from Anti-Adblock Zones

Just a couple of days ago the new advanced Adblock Bypass tags became available to all our publishers. The technology was so much desired that thousands of our partners have upgraded their tags already.
As an advertiser, you can take advantage of buying this traffic too. Just imagine: there are users who haven’t seen many ads for a long time. Have you heard of some converting offers? Enable Anti-Adblock zones traffic when setting targetings and get more conversions.
Buying Adblocked traffic
Important: before using this feature make sure that your LP’s or offers are not blocked by adblockers or you might get stuck with the ROI decrease!
We hope these are really useful options that will make your work with our Self-Serve Platform more effective and cost-effective!

Ready to give them a try? Login to your Advertiser account here.

If you need any assistance at any time, we’d be happy to help! Contact us via the “Support” button or ping your manager.