Starting a new website is like starting a business. Even if, at first you don’t think about monetizing it. So, if you plan on having people viewing and interacting with your website, the first thing you must do is figure out how you’re gonna draw traffic to it. 

Of course, common sense dictates that you should spread the word.

And because we’re talking about online activities, the fastest and best way around it is to start learning from, and interacting with like-minded individuals. But there are a lot of other things you could do.

But, when you’re just getting started it’s almost essential to save on expenses as much as you can. So here is how you can improve your website traffic, while spending little to nothing.

So, let’s get started by seeing the most popular free methods of getting traffic on a new website

Create quality (on-site) content

82% of marketers actively used content marketing in 2021.

This goes without saying: Your content is what attracts users to your website. So, make it original. Make it stand out.

And more importantly, make your content useful. That’s how you’ll get organic traffic. 

Think of the audience. Now answer: What do they like? How do they speak? What is the issue that you will fix for them? If you can, highlight their demographics as well, and write for these people. 

Always, always use the active voice 

The subject is making the action. For example:

✔ You can write killer content.
✘ Killer content can be written by you.

Use catchy and engaging headers

Make your titles pop and stick. Otherwise, your newly gained users will leave. 

Some formats that work:

But that’s not it:

  • Diversify your content – use Multimedia content and Infographics. You can also use them for content repurposing.
PropellerAds - Video Content
Image Source: PropellerAds Blog – Publisher’s Absolute Guide to Website Monetization
  • Constantly update your content – Old content is useless. Updating it helps your SEO. Just make a note at the bottom of the updated articles, like we do:
PropellerAds - Editor Update Note
Image Source: PropellerAds Blog – 5 Reasons to start using Propeller Ads today
  • Use Call to Actions (CTAs) – buttons or simple phrases – entice your readers to take a next step. Just make sure to use action verbs: buy, view, click here, read this, subscribe now, etc.
  • Interview industry leaders – they have what you lack: trustworthiness and credibility, but also traffic. Interviews help you borrow these attributes from them. 
PropellerAds_Interview with Dhruv on monetization and content lockers

Read all about Monetization, Websites, and more in our Dhruv C exclusive interview

Use Keywords

You can use free keyword tools to check on your competitors. Some of them are:

  • Google Ads’ Keyword Planner works just fine. 
  • Google trends
  • Keyword Generator

Long-Tail Keywords

These can be the specific query that users add in search engines. You could use “What” and “How” questions to start generating your own. Alternatively, you can find them in the Related Search section, at the bottom of the search results.

PropellerAds - Long Tail Keywords
Image Source: Google Search

Create quality off-site content

Just as important as what you add to your website, is your off-site contribution. So how exactly can you do that?

1. Join and Interact with the Community 

Check your content management system’s feed aggregator. That’s the page with the posts from all the sites that you follow. Engage with these websites, leave comments, re-post, or simply like their content.

#1 Rule of association: Only connect with authoritative and reputable websites, in order to build a good image for your website. Otherwise, you might get bot and fraud traffic, and damage your ranking. 

Here’s how Bloomberg ranks, compared with a lesser-known website:

PropellerAds - Domain Ranking
Image source: WMTips

The Alexa rating represents the position in the rating – the smaller, the better. The competitive analysis service measures historical traffic data from millions of users, and their page views. The same goes for Majestic and Rank Among.  

The Open PageRank, on the other hand, measures how many and how good are the links from a webpage, rating them on a scale from 1-10. Here, the higher the rating, the better.

2. Write Guest Posts

Start with the websites that you follow. Reach out to them and offer your expertise as Guest blogs or articles.

Guest Posts on the right websites can bring real visitors to your website as well as SEO benefits.

You can even entice them with videos and infographics that match their topics or articles. This way, you can also get pretty solid backlinks. 

Get referral traffic and Quality backlinks

Referral traffic consists of any users that get on your website after having clicked on a link from another website, social media channel, email, spreadsheet, or anywhere other than the search engine. 

How you can get it: 

  • through valuable images, videos, or other authoritative content (linkable assets)
  • exchange links with other reputable websites
  • create guest posts on other trustworthy websites
  • ask for reviews of your website from clients, bloggers, and industry experts
  • help journalists with expert comments (check HARO)

While referral traffic makes your website trustworthy and legitimate for the search engine, backlinks contribute to your organic ranking – making it valuable.

Moreover, you can check your competitors’ backlinks for content in-demand ideas. 

Social Media 

You have the possibility to customize your website with social media share buttons. Here you need to consider the needs of your target audience. This way, you’ll be able to both share your content on social media, and bring on new traffic from these social media networks.

Start with the age group and see where are they most likely to hang around: 

  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – 25-34, 
  • Instagram – 18-29, 
  • TikTok – 10-19, 
  • Pinterest – 50-64.

Don’t forget about instant messaging groups – WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. Join and get active!

Use these groups as a source of inspiration for new content pieces – discussion topics, popular questions and pain points (what content people can’t find online).

Also, when you find relevant topics, share your expert opinion by providing links to your articles. And when you’ll have enough authority create your own social media groups. 

Social Sites

If you want to get traffic, you need to spread your reach as far and wide as possible. And a good way to do so, is by showing up on social sites.

We’re talking about Reddit, Quora, and the likes. Just make sure to appear as a voice of authority, as opposed to an annoying spammer, if you’re interested in quality traffic.

Stay updated with what your competitors are doing

Check what backlinks and keywords they’re using. Once you have this information, create better content, and compete for a better SERP position.

You can get it by – keeping your content packed with useful information, constantly updating it, and making sure that everything checks.

Add your website on ratings platforms for service providers

Once you start gathering a few users, you can invite them to leave reviews of your website on various review platforms.

These reviews not only contribute to your SEO, but they will also work as a starting point for clients that are doubting your seriosity.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of free platforms for that:

Get Listed on Web Directories

You know how Google Maps shows various businesses? Those are part of their Web Directory. And what’s even better, it’s absolutely free to get listed on the Google Business Directory. But just as it, there are many other web directories still popular in 2022:

Be present

Be active in the comment section and reply to all contact-form inquiries. Sure, you can deactivate them. But if you do, you’ll miss on giving your users a sense of community and belonging.

Also, check Disqus – it’s a comment-hosting service and a content discovery platform for different related topics. This will create communities around popular topics, from various sources – not only your website. 

Other important SEO practices that will help you get traffic to your site

Organic traffic is more important for a good SEO, and it’s also more valuable for advertisers. This is why you must remember to:

  • Add meta descriptions, tags, and keywords to your pages for search engines to properly analyze and rank your website
  • Properly format your headers (Title, H1, H2, H3, etc), and the text
  • Keep paragraphs short, and use plenty of transition words
  • Include keywords in your content, not just in analytics


  • Content is King – Invest in a solid content strategy, and make sure to always deliver value,
  • Keywords and Backlinks – more than just for analytics,  the backbone of a solid content strategy,
  • Invest in your website’s image – your on-site content is not the only one that needs tending to, so does your off-site content,
  • Social media – very important in keeping in touch with your traffic, but can also bring new users to your site,
  • You need to be present where it matters most – comments in particular.

Did we miss anything? Tell us all about it in the comment section below. 

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This copywriting enthusiast has an experience of over 8-years in creating engaging online marketing content for various verticals and formats. Out of passion for copy, she devoted 4 years to master the art of sales. Her journalisms-instilled active listening, combined with the sales-bound charm give her the superpower to break boundaries and establish emotional connections with the users.