Smart Links for Push Notifications are Here! Earn BIG Without a Website

What’s in your monetization toolkit?

Yet one more surefire monetization option is waiting for you on the dashboard – Smart Links for Push Notifications! Specially created for affiliate marketers and media buyers, Smart Links is a perfect, hi-tech way to monetize traffic, even if you don’t have a website.

What are Smart Links?

Push notifications
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Smart Links are special URLs designed to take visitors to the most relevant offers. How does the system select the most suitable offer for a specific visitor?

This is where AI comes into play.

First, the system analyzes user preferences to suggest products or services of potential interest. Aside from user’s GEO, platform and device specifications, the system looks into prior data: what offers a user have engaged with previously.

As a second step, the system analyzes available offers trying to find the ones that meet user’s criteria and are similar to those a user found interesting before. Then, an algorithm prioritizes offers with the highest conversion rate in the user’s country.

Finally, a user arrives at the most relevant landing page.

How do you get paid?

The new system allows higher earnings and enhanced flexibility in terms of choice of monetization method. A publisher or an affiliate marketer has three pricing models to choose from:

smart links_create link

  • Сlassic Smart Link (Revshare). Most of you are familiar with this model, formerly known as Direct Ads. Find more information here.
  • Smart Link with Push CPM. Once a user arrives at the landing page, the system has suggested, a Push Notifications (Native Subscriptions) opt-in request appears. If a user subscribes to receive notifications, a publisher is paid for each Push with ads shown to a user.
  • Smart Link with Push CPS. Smart Link takes a user to a specific, premade landing page, chosen by the algorithm. According to this model, a publisher is paid each time a user subscribes to Push Notifications on this landing page.

What are the benefits of Smart Links for Push Notifications?

Even if you are familiar with Smart Links, we recommend that you read on because we have significantly changed this ad format.

1. No website is required

For years, the website was the main monetization vehicle. Now you don’t have to own a website to monetize traffic. Sounds absurd? At all! You can still post Smart Links on social media or forums and earn your well-deserved bucks.

Affiliates can launch paid traffic campaigns with Smart Links as target URL and profit from high-converting offers.

2. Monetize ALL the traffic

Smart Link is not just flexible and convenient way to monetize traffic; it’s also a universal solution when you have remnant traffic, i.e., unsold traffic that you can’t monetize with current ad formats.

For example, if the majority of your visitors are from Portugal and you have advertisers who buy this traffic, but you still have a good chunk of visitors from Japan, and you don’t know how to monetize this Japanese traffic.

The algorithm allows you take advantage of auto-optimized rotation system, so every user (regardless of GEO or OS) can be matched with a suitable offer, increasing chances to convert. And in the end? You monetize all the traffic you get.

3. You can estimate your future CPS profits

We are transparent. All the CPS rates can be found on your dashboard – so no surprises here: you get exactly what you’ve earned from every subscription!

CPS rates_smartlink4. Top-converting landing pages with high CTR

PropellerAds hosts all the landing pages. That’s why you can expect extremely high loading speed and professionally optimized marketing materials.

Now you can collect Push Notifications subscribers really fast and enjoy higher profits.

5. Postback tracking to optimize traffic sources

Affiliates can easily make Smart Links even more profitable: use postback (S2S) tracking to choose the traffic sources that are delivering the maximum conversion rates.

Note: Request this feature from our Support team.

How to get a Smart Link for Push Notifications?

Step 1. Go to the “Smart Links” tab on your dashboard. Click on “Create Smart Link.”

Smart links_

Step 2. Then choose a pricing model (CPM or CPS) you prefer and your website category to improve the conversion and subscription rates (if you’ve selected a Smart Link for Push Notifications).

Step 3. Your link is ready! Now you can use it as a target URL. Make sure you have a postback URL set up.

Link is ready

Once you are done, you can find all your Smart Links on the “Smart Links” tab.  Whenever you need to check the current CPS rates, click on “Get tag” on any CPS Smart Link or check this link.

Smart links_where to find rates


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Do you need help? Whatever your worry, it’s always better to ask our support about it. Talk to us via Live Chat or leave a comment below.