Many publishers ask us: can I join PropellerAds if I already monetize with AdSense? And the answer is yes, you can, and you are very welcome! 

Still not sure and worried about possible risks? In this guide, we bust all myths about working in two networks simultaneously and prove it’s a great idea. 

Does AdSense allow you to monetize websites with other networks?

Yes, AdSense is totally okay with the other networks — they say it straightforwardly in their guidelines. So, when you add PropellerAds code to your website that’s already working with AdSense, nothing will suffer. 

What is more, all PropellerAds formats are compatible with AdSense: you have almost no limitations. We say almost because there are still some nuances — we will mention them later in this article. 

Is PropellerAds the same as AdSense?

Basically, AdSense and PropellerAds have different mechanics. For instance, AdSense uses contextual targeting as its primary targeting method: it means that it cares much about written content with keywords. 

At the same time, PropellerAds is about GEO, interests, and gender targeting — and not about keywords density, frequency, or something like that. Both approaches don’t interfere with each other and can be perfectly combined. 

The ad formats in both networks differ, too — but it’s also okay to combine them when you do it wisely enough.

Why should I use PropellerAds when I am already with AdSense?

A nice question! Luckily, we know the answer you’ll definitely like: it can boost your monetization efforts and bring more profit. But how do we know? Well, at least this is what our publishers say: here is a comment from one of them, running a mainstream site:

“I normally use AdSense and PropellerAds at the same time — but I found out that my Propeller account sometimes generates more revenue for my website — especially with some particular formats.”

That’s great, but why it is so, and what are the pros of using PropellerAds alongside AdSense?

More Niches

As you probably know, AdSense policies restrict particular content types, while some of them are really profitable. Of course, PropellerAds has limitations, too — we don’t accept every single site and our policies are much similar to AdSense.

However, PropellerAds allows monetizing sites in more verticals and doesn’t restrict all the same content AdSense does. Here are a couple of examples:

AdSense PropellerAds
Real-Money iGaming Restricted Allowed (unless it’s illegal iGaming)
Cryptocurrency Might be restrictedAllowed (except illegal trades and sites)
Foreign Dating  Might be restricted Allowed (except adult dating)

What is also important here is that AdSense doesn’t always prohibit the mentioned content types. Here is what they say about it:

“Publishers may place AdSense code on pages with content in the scope of the Google Publisher Restrictions, though this content will likely receive less advertising than other, non-restricted content.

It means that your, say, iGaming content can bring much more profit with PropellerAds, while you don’t need to refuse AdSense ads and get some money from them, too.

Don’t confuse restricted content with strictly prohibited one: both AdSense and PropellerAds have the same policies towards illegal, crime-related, and adult-related content. You can find our full content T&Cs here.

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Similar Policies

The other policies regarding content are very similar at PropellerAds and AdSense. In other words, if your site was accepted by AdSense, it will most likely not violate Propeller policies as well. At the same time, things you can do at Propeller are also compatible with what AdSense requires. 

A bit of proof: here is what he heard from one of our publishers:

Maybe some of the publishers use monetization ad formats from ad networks that don’t meet the requirements of the Adsense Ad Network which causes problems with Adsense accounts, but so far PropellerAds is very suitable if combined with Adsense.

More Formats

When enabling PropellerAds monetization, you get access to more ad formats that proved to be extremely profitable. As we’ve already mentioned, AdSense is based on different algorithms and gives different ad formats, so when you add PropellerAds options, you have a better chance to bring profits to advertisers and earn more.

Here is the difference between AdSense and PropellerAds formats:

AdSense PropellerAds
– Display ads
– n-feed native ads
– In-article native ads
– Multiplex ads
– Search engine ads
– Push notifications
– Onсlick
– In-Page Push
– Interstitials
– Direct Link
– Vignette Banners

You see? Nothing in common. So, when you add PropellerAds monetization to your current AdSense solution, you boost impressions and clicks, engaging users in more ways. All PropellerAds formats are compatible with Google AdSense — and vice versa.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you should place literally all ad options on your site, and we will discuss it further.


Who is the worst publisher’s enemy? We suppose many of you would name AdBlock. So, if a user enables AdBlock, they won’t see Google ads on your site — none of them. At the same time, they will see ads from Propeller — thanks to our in-house developed Anti-AdBlock system. 

With it, your users continue seeing ads — but only the ones that were specially adapted and personalized for them. Seems like magic but it’s not — just some very smart technologies 🙂

What to Keep in Mind When Working with Two Networks Simultaneously?

Finally, the part you might have been looking for: what are the nuances we mentioned in the very beginning, and how to monetize a site with two networks without any risks? And what are the best practices you can apply? Here they are!

Number of Ads

Google is very concerned about the user experience, and it makes sense. Who will interact with a site that is full of ads instead of some useful content? It’s also important that you don’t allow ads to interfere with convenient navigation or have more ads than content.

So, when you work with two ad networks, you must be even more careful not to spoil the user experience by showing too many ads. AdSense might not be very happy with you if your site is overwhelmed with all sorts of ads — so be careful choosing ad frequency and formats in your PropellerAds publisher account.

One of our publishers tried using PropellerAds MultiTag and Google Multiplex Ads simultaneously. He later regretted it as it gave a really poor user experience.

This publisher recommends excluding some formats from MultiTag to show fewer ads — you can easily do it at the Self-Service Platform.

Ad Placement

AdSense has a very particular stand on ad placement together with the other ads. Here is what you need to remember: 

Make sure your ads don’t cover the main content. AdSense doesn’t allow its ads at websites that have such an issue. Luckily, PropellerAds has a very smart algorithm that places ads neatly, without hiding your site content.

The Best Compatible Format

It’s a pretty hard question to answer — it may depend much on your vertical, GEO, and your overall monetization approach. So we decided to ask our most experienced pubs: what do they think?

Publisher 1 (Mainstream website): 

  • I basically use all PropellerAds formats with AdSense, and they all work well.

Publisher 2 (News website):  

  • “Usually, I combine AdSense banner or display ad format and Propellerads with Push Notifications ad format. The difference from the ad format used is a good step and maximizes monetization well.

Publisher 3 (Streaming website): 

  • A Popunder code normally takes its share of the cake. Even when my users find some AdSense ad interesting and click on it, the Propeller Popunder comes into play, too!

Publisher 4 (News website):

  • The best format to combine with Adsense is In-Page Push.

Publisher 5 (Mainstream website): 

  • I combine AdSense with PropellerAds Push Notifications and Vignette Banners: quite friendly and don’t bother the visitors.

Publisher 6 (Streaming website):

  • “PropellerAds’ Push advertisements are forceful and give higher viewability and click-through rates result. They bring me more income than AdSense usually does.”

As you see, everyone has their own experience, but nobody complained about any issues — so we can safely say all Propeller formats work great with AdSense.

To Sum Up

If you are still doubting, here are several quick facts:

  • PropellerAds has a very easy verification process: you can start monetizing your traffic almost instantly. AdSense might take more time to check if you qualify
  • PropellerAds works with PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, ePayments, and Payoneer — one of the best payout methods selection

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