Disclaimer: This article does NOT explain how to monetize Facebook accounts, pages, or groups. Moreover, we advise all our publishers to be extremely careful with placing direct links straight in social media posts, as this might violate the Facebook community rules.

More and more publishers are taking social media by storm. And with the gold mine, they’re sitting on, that’s really no wonder why. However, there’s an alarming misconception among publishers, who think the only way you can monetize traffic is by owning a website. Luckily, that’s not the case.

Of course, you don’t need a website to be a Publisher. With PropellerAds you can register for a social media publisher account, taking advantage of our custom-made optimization.

Moreover, you get to target your followers with creative new formats that allow you to expand your income horizons. 

And if you happen to exclusively deal with Social Media traffic, then monetizing is more of a must, rather than a need. So join us as we discuss why it’s important to start monetizing your social media traffic, how you can do it properly, how others do it, and what are the solutions that PropellerAds prepared just for you. 

If it’s not on social media, does it really exist?

Still wondering why you should Monetize Social Media Traffic?

With all these many reasons from above, why wouldn’t you want to advertise social media traffic?

In fact, the sooner you understand that you’re sitting on a goldmine, the better. Because you need to act fast. Social media traffic is one of the best-performing, and advertisers bend over backwards to pay good money for it. 

Social networks are an important source of revenue also because they’re the new word-of-mouth promotion. Once a user interacts with your content, their friends will be included in the loop, and then the friends of their friends, and so on and so forth. And if you like traffic, you really want this trend to continue as much as possible.

And that pretty much makes Social Media traffic your best ally, but that’s not all to it. 

• With Social Traffic you’re just a whim away from going viral

In case you didn’t know, going viral helps you get even larger traffic volumes. In fact, many publishers (including the ones that own websites) use social media as their main distribution and promotion platform in hopes of going viral.  

Thinking of getting a viral website? Here’s everything you need

• Social Media Traffic can help you significantly improve your profit

We’re taking CTR, engagement, reach, conversion – overall great quality traffic. One of the best features that social media traffic brings, is the high engagement rate. In fact, these users really like to interact with ads. A lot!

Publisher’s Absolute Guide to Traffic Monetization

And what does interaction bring? A high level of conversions and a higher CPM. In fact, the social media algorithm is already focused on delivering personalized content. This way users see what interests them. All of these factors only add to your income.

• If you’re good with following trends, then social traffic is your right

Usually, social media traffic is drawn by any piece of content that presents scarcity, urgency, or exclusivity. That can be anything from limited-time lotteries, exclusive offers or news, to something huge which affects a lot of people (a pandemic, scandals, royal weddings, etc.). And all the users ask for is to have the possibility to share and interact with that piece. 

In fact, this trend has started attracting more and more audiences from WhatsApp, since it makes it easier to share any kind of information. And they do it fast and with a personal message kind of urgency and importance. 

• There’s a Propeller Optimization for every Catch

Like every good thing, social media traffic has a catch too – a limited engagement-time span. Users will only be active as long as the topic is of high interest. Since you will not have their attention for long, it is essential to monetize this traffic right away or risk missing out on a fortune.

However, working with PropellerAds you can select the social category when you sign up, straight on our Self Serve Platforms (SSP) registration form. This way you can create a tag (Push, IPP, OnClick, Interstitials, MultiTag) or Direct Link that will be automatically optimized by the system, to adapt for the specific kind of fluctuation. 

propellerads - social traffic

• You can generate traffic from any GEOs with social media

Social media is a great way to generate Tier 1 traffic. But that doesn’t mean that you are likely to perform less if your target audience is coming from Tier 2 or 3. 

In fact, based on the content type, we often notice more activity from certain regions, like Asia, Europe, or the US for example. However, since we saw that social traffic is time-bound, publishers should change their strategy a bit to mainly focus on the trends.

Tips for Pubs: How to Increase Organic Traffic And Not Spend a Lifetime on It

From there, they can identify the best performing GEOs which could help them launch their next viral campaign. But money talks, so let’s see some real examples from some of our publishers that are monetizing social media traffic.

Real Case Studies from Our Publishers

Case Study #1

Traffic Source: Facebook

Facebook Traffic

Facebook is one of the largest traffic referral networks. And here is what our client managed to make in just 16 days, by monetizing his Facebook traffic. His 5 figure income, $16,500 to be more specific, is only the beginning of what a successful campaign can generate.

As you can see, this exceptionally good traffic is coming from Tier 1 and 2.

Case Study #2

Traffic Source: Instagram


Instagram Traffic

Based on the statistics, Instagram traffic only manages to bring a quarter of the resounding success of its sister company, Facebook. However, one of our clients managed to demonstrate that one smart campaign can do so much more.

In fact, over the course of 16 days, he made over $25,150 monetizing Instagram traffic from Tier 1 countries. 

Case Study #3

Traffic Source: WhatsApp


WhatsApp Traffic

And whoever said that Tier 3 traffic doesn’t perform too well, probably didn’t know what success you can have while monetizing Thailand traffic. In fact, this client managed to get over $8,100 for traffic generated in just 16 days, on WhatsApp. 

Best Social Media practices from our Publisher Partnership Managers

  • Use all our monetization formats at once, or use the MultiTag. Don’t forget to include Direct Links as well. Social traffic won’t last long so you better take as much as you can from it.
  • Understand your audience and adapt your content to speak to them. Get ready for traffic, because if you can’t handle it, you can’t monetize it.
  • Some of the best-performing social media posts are news, listicles, celebrity news, and comedy. When in doubt, ride the trends.
  • Don’t forget that social media traffic has an expiration date. If you don’t monetize fast, it can and will go away.
  • Register as a social media publisher and set ads to be displayed with a high frequency – the more people see them, the better your payout.
  • Keep your content mobile-friendly91% of all social media users actively navigate from their mobile devices.
  • Whatever happens, familiarize yourself with the written and unwritten rules of the community, and their tolerance for sales promotions.

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