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Analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns has just gotten a lot easier. Thanks to the new campaigns’ statistics update all the data you need is now near at hand – on your Advertiser’s Dashboard.
Once you start sending traffic to your campaign, you should pay close attention to statistics reports:

  • Which traffic converts better on your offer: desktop, TV or tablet?
  • How to optimize your campaign to increase ROI?
  • Are there non-English-speaking users who don’t understand your ad’s message?

We’re happy to announce you can now buy traffic via our Real-Time Bidding model in the PropellerAds Network.
The main Advantage of RTB solutions is that it maximizes Advertisers’ income by taking the whole promotion process to the next level with automated bidding, making advertising truly cost-effective. Thanks to innovative smart technologies, advertisers can get the best placements and the most relevant targeted users.