Today we are going to reveal the key facts about Interstitials – an efficient ad format for maximal audience engagement. Have you already used it for your campaigns? 

Well, if not, we bet that this FAQ will encourage you to experiment – Interstitials have an astonishing potential for your campaigns. Read this post and see it yourself!

Your Most Burning Popunder Ads Questions Answered for 2022 [FAQ]

What is Interstitial?

Interstitials are non full-screen banners overlaying content. While your visitors browse through the content, the ad appears. Their main peculiarity is the size – as a rule, Interstitials are large enough to cover about 80% of the screen. So they are impossible to overlook. 

If the user is not very interested in your offer, he has an opportunity to close the ad clicking the X button. In the opposite case, he clicks the button and moves right to the landing page. 

Comparing Interstitials performance with other formats, we can name native ads as the most similar ones. 

What can I advertise with Interstitials?

You can advertise everything with Interstitials, just make sure that you follow some rules. For instance, our platform insists that you avoid using adult content, branded images, low-quality images/text, violence, “scary” offers, etc. 

Please make sure to read these rules for creatives before starting your campaign. 

Which frequency is optimal for an Interstitials campaign?

By default, we suggest that you set 1/8 frequency rate. However, if you want to show your ad to unique visitors only, we recommend setting 1/336  frequency rate. 

How to Manage Your Ad Frequency and Ad Schedule?

Should I use more than one image for my Interstitials campaign?

Depending on users’ browsers and devices, images can look different. For that reason, we recommend you to use two images – an icon and a banner (the recommended resolution is 256×256 and 900×600 accordingly).

These two images will appear on the screen simultaneously, so take care of adding both – avoid leaving blank space on your creatives.

Which verticals work best for Interstitials? 

From our experience, the best verticals for Interstitials are: 

Which is the lowest bid for Interstitials traffic? 

The lowest bid for Interstitials traffic is $0.001 (for a CPC model). 

What are the Interstitials templates and why should I use them?

At PropellerAds, we have six Interstitials templates: 

  • Classic
  • Blur
  • Blur Dark
  • Light
  • Prize
  • Image

Almost all the templates have some additional CTR-boosting elements. The Classic template is a standard one that includes customizable parts like banner and offer description while the text placement and format are pre-defined.


In contrast to a Classic template, the Blur Dark one includes two text fields (for a large title and a separate description) and two images – the main one and a small icon. The button text, placement, and color are default, so you cannot change them. 


Another example is a Prize template. This one has some unique features like the animation on the background (falling objects, like gift boxes or anything else you would like to upload), a native look, and a partly-customizable description. This one is widely-used for Sweepstakes offers and shows a striking CTR.


Templates have a great potential to increase your CTR and conversion rate due to attention-grabbing elements, like catchy animation and native messages. 

Which platform should I choose for my Interstitials campaign?

Our recent findings show that an average CTR for an Interstitials campaign depends on the platform you choose. The android platform shows 4-5% CTR, while desktop usually has about 3%.

Which GEOs are the most suitable for Interstitials campaigns?

According to our stats, this year Indonesia, Malaysia, US, Brazil, Philippines, and South Africa show the best results for Interstitials. These countries can boast of an emerging market – not so stuffed yet, but already lively. They are great for beginners and locals on Interstitials ads actively.

Pro tip: Almost all the verticals perform great for these countries, but mostly – Sweepstakes, Games, and Utilities. We also recommend targeting Android mobile users and pay special attention to sport events as the sappy periods for ad campaigns.

Which traffic type works best for Interstitials?

Interstitials work great for both – mobile and desktop traffic. Ads take the entire screen when displayed on smartphones. The ad is usually surrounded by margins, where the Close button is located.

As for the desktop, Interstitials usually take about 80% of the screen. The size can vary a bit, regarding the requirements of a publisher. The desktop ad size can be regulated in the zone settings section.   

Well, we guess you know everything about Interstitials now. The only thing left is to try them in real practice! Good luck!

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