Participating in games of chance is one of the oldest human pastimes. Sure, this millennial practice has changed a lot since its inception, but the goal remains the same – which is to always walk away as a winner.

Today, the online gambling niche, also referred to as iGambling, is one of the most profitable in the affiliate realm, if you know what you’re doing.

A big part of being successful in Gambling is staying up to date with the latest news. Below, we’ll break down the most important updates in the world of iGambling.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

iGambling News to Keep You Up to Date with the Latest Trends

Here are the most important news that will affect stakeholders in the online gambling vertical.

All About Sports Betting

According to a report published by Zion Market Research, the global sports betting industry will be worth almost 156 billion USD dollars in the next 5 years. The report states that sports betting already makes up 70% of all gambling revenue, with the big European football leagues still being the most popular choice. So no surprise there!

Norway Can Block Payments to International iGambling Providers

Affiliates working with the Norwegian market should be aware that the country’s Ministry of Culture, Agriculture and Food has won a dispute which allows them to block payment to overseas igambling companies.

This may affect all stakeholders in the industry, but the decision may still be appealed and changed, so you should stay tuned in case it affects your campaigns.

iGambling Targeted by Southeast Asian and Chinese Governments

Over the last few years, hundreds of iGambling companies have popped up in The Philippines, Cambodia, and other parts of Southeast Asia, all of which target large foreign markets like China.

PropellerAds_gambling digest_China

But, the Chinese government is concerned about the millions of yuan flowing out of the country. For this reason, China has pressured Southeast Asian countries to clamp down on the iGambling companies that have set up shop in this region.

In some countries like Cambodia, this means that no more licenses will be issued or renewed until the end of the year, which can create a fallout for the whole industry.

Payments with Crypto Becoming a Reality in South Africa

There’s no denying the massive impact cryptocurrencies have had on the world of online gambling. For starters, cryptos give players anonymity and more payment options, while allowing online providers to build more lucrative models.

Countries like South Africa are already considering these benefits and assessing whether they should allow cryptocurrencies to go mainstream. According to an executive from South Africa’s Financial Intelligence Centre, cryptocurrencies may soon receive the green light to operate in the continent’s largest economy.

Adapting to Apple’s New Real Money Online Gambling Restrictions

Just a couple of months ago, Apple stunned the iGambling world by changing its stance on real money gambling apps coded in HTML5. Not only this, but the Apple Card, the tech company’s latest payment service, can’t be used for gambling.

While the Apple Card terms of use can’t be changed, operators need to step their game up and convert any real money gambling apps coded in HTML5 to native iOS code before the September cut off in to avoid getting shut down.

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