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How to promote cryptocurrency offers? What pre-landers bring more leads? Which level of user activity to target? Read the answers to these and other questions in our case study. 👇 

Thanks to the author – Pavel (@skarteze) for an interesting story and useful insights!    

6 Experts Share How To Choose Crypto Offers

Traffic: Push Notifications
Affiliate program: Aivix
Offer: Bitcoin Income
The campaign period: Dec 11, 2019 – Dec 21, 2019
Geo: Latvia
Spent: $219 
Revenue: $600 
Net profit: $381
ROI: 174%

The offer and the landing page

Folks from Aivix listed a new offer, and I decided to give it a go. Before launching an ad campaign on Facebook, I decided to run some tests to make sure it was converting well.

The offer came with a quality pre-lander. Meaning, a good success story, photos of receipts, reviews, and simplified registration. With this kind of offer, you won’t be needing celebrity images to convert, and ads are getting approved easily as well.

propellerads - case study - crypto-latvia - landing page

Campaign setting and ad creatives       

I was buying cryptocurrency traffic via PropellerAds for quite a long time, so I already knew how it was performing.

I ran 4 separate campaigns with 2 creatives (for mobile and desktop devices).

Here are my ad creatives: 

  • Title: She’s earned a lot of money,
  • Description: having invested only from €250 to €1127.       

After the first 2 registrations on desktop and 3 on mobile, I finally saw the first deposit on a desktop. I focused on desktops and stopped the mobile campaign.

The results   

Let me remind you that my goal was to test the offer as fast as possible. But in the end, I even earned some money!

propellerads - case study - crypto-latvia - binom stats

Only the Low Activity audience brought us a good result, not for the first time. Seems like nobody wants to mess with Low Activity, and it’s only me who doesn’t disdain it.

propellerads - case study - crypto-latvia - binom stats 2
The stats from Binom tracker

Then I left it as it was. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty small audience for this location, which doesn’t allow scaling campaigns.

After a few days, when the number of registrations started to fall, I paused the campaign.

The number of leads generated: 15.

And the approved ones: 2.

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The bottom line:

1) Pay attention to the Low Activity audience: it can generate some really good leads.

2) Don’t test offers for too long, especially if your budget is tight. Let your campaign run until you have 2-5K clicks, and then start analyzing.  

3) If your budget is limited, don’t look for big GEOs, with higher competition, and, as a result, higher cost per click. What is a tier of traffic and what tier should you choose?

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