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Thinking crypto offers are dying out? Well, today, you’ll see a great example of how you can still earn with crypto. Also, we felt we could stir things up a bit and invited our expert Roman to comment on what could have been done better.

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In short

Ad Format: Push Notifications

Affiliate program: ClickDealer, Aivix, and direct brokers

Offer: Crypto offers (Conversion flow: deposit)

Campaign period: 08/05/2019 – 27/06/2019 

GEO: Italy

Spent: $2317 

Revenue: $2950 

Profit: $633 

ROI: 27% 


To start with, previously, I’ve already worked with crypto offers, targeting different GEOs. And while talking to the managers of other affiliate networks, I found out that Italy could bring a good profit. So I decided to give it a try. 

I created a few separate campaigns for desktop and mobile, direct ones – leading straight to the landing page, and with the pre-lander. During the first testing and investing of about $350 for desktop, I saw that it’s not effective to purchase desktop traffic because the registration is quite expensive (about $15), and the volumes are much less than on mobile.

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I also quickly discarded the idea of using a pre-lander. Having invested nearly $150, I only got 3 registrations. Perhaps, I used some pretty trite pre-landers from spy-services. And I guess with more unique and fresh ones, the outcome could have been better. As a result, I decided to focus on mobile traffic and send users directly to the landing page.

Roman: “The author of this case study is right: widely used pre-landers can cause ad fatigue, and hence lower conversion rates. Instead, you conduct small research of what’s popular on spy services and which pre-landers other affiliate marketers are using. Then you can single out two or three different approaches and create your own pre-landers based on this research. Localization would be a good idea. For instance, well-known historical sites in Italy.

Ad creative 

In ad creatives, I often emphasize the fact that you can get rich with the help of cryptocurrency and so on and so forth.

Here’s the ad copy example:

Title: Vedi quanti soldi nel conto? / Do you see how much money is on balance?

Description: Questo è solo due settimane! €27.484 ✅ / Only two weeks! €27.484 ✅ /

Title: 1 Bitcoin = $ 9000 sta salendo / 1 bitcoin = $9000, it grows

Description: Guadagna 14.700 € in un mese! / Get €14,700 a month!

There were different images, mostly girls holding wads of cash. An example: 

Roman: “The ad creative is obviously very poor. For instance, there’s a statistics chart on the banner – just imagine seeing this on your smartphone! Would you even try to figure out what these tiny numbers mean? I doubt so.

The icon doesn’t impress either. Images of attractive girls increase the clickthrough rate, but in this particular case, we don’t see a model-looking person. And the cash wad in her hand (only 50 dollars) is not looking convincing enough. If the creative messages were like this – “A usual housewife has earned a bunch of dollars, so can you,” – that would suffice. But it’s not the case here. Our message is absolutely different. 

So, what creatives am I advising you to use? For financial offers, you can use images of money (the more, the better), sexy girls, luxurious car. A platitude, but it works! For mobile, it’s better to choose something flaring and catchy. For instance, a plunging neckline with the wad of dollars sticking out of it. Or just an Italian flag and cash. Don’t forget that the images on mobile screens look smaller and some tiny details can be missed. For desktop, use images of something luxurious: like yachts, expensive cars, planes and so on.”

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Landing pages

I used these landing pages:

Roman: “The traffic volume is big enough, so you can set the tracking pixel of PropellerAds to collect all users hitting your webpages, and then target these hot leads with Onclick ads. I advise you to get the most out of your users with the help of other ad formats, which will save your money in the long term. And once more, don’t torture your retargeted audience with the same CTAs. Use different approaches. For instance, the author of this case study showed that bitcoin makes people rich. Now you can offer your users a detailed guide on how to earn with bitcoin or a success story of a random person”. 

The Flow            

Surprisingly, all 3 user activity groups (High, Medium, and Low) showed good results and brought some deposits. Then eventually, I created campaigns for every activity level. Some of them were launched as CPM after the testing on the CPC model. I managed to optimize my ad creative so that it had a high CTR. That’s why I decided to launch CPM campaigns – it was more profitable.

As for the affiliate program, I haven’t noticed a huge difference regarding the conversion ratio: one deposit took 50 registrations, on average. Payouts for deposits were almost the same. 

Later on, the direct broker contacted me and offered a higher rate. I redirected the traffic to him, but the CR decreased. Maybe because of the way registrations were processed. Well, anyway, you have to test and search for better combinations. 

Roman: “That’s a horrible idea to test the flow on offers with deposits. Deposits, or course, are a profitable niche, but for a start, it’s always better to choose an offer with an easier conversion flow. In this way, you’ll find out what works much quicker. The author of this case would have spent much less money if he had taken this rule into account. After finding a working ad combo (an offer + an ad creative), try rotating offers from different affiliate programs. The profit may be drastically different.”


Stats from the affiliate program

(There’re more registrations and deposits there, cause I’ve generated traffic from other sources as well)


PropellerAds - Clickdealer - crypto - case study


PropellerAds - Aivix - case study - crypto

Direct brokers:

propellerads - direct brokers - case study - crypto

Stats from PropellerAds

The last 7 days didn’t bring deposits, and I understood that I had to try different approaches. I switched to offers from the affiliate network – the payout was lower, but the CR was higher.

The bottom line   

Direct crypto offers can be successful. Obviously, the type of offer and the source (direct or from the network) impact the CR. Also, it was easier to send users directly to the landing page – there were more registrations compared to campaigns with pre-landers. And the more data you have, the easier it is to optimize.

 What I understood is that a high payout is not the main criteria when you choose an offer. Advertisers offering lower payouts might work harder to convert leads; therefore, they are easier to work with.

Roman: “The ROI of 27% is a bad result. The right pre-lander plus more effective ad creatives and retargeting should increase ROI significantly.”

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