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In this case study, you will find a profitable combination of CPA offer, ad format, and creatives that is “crispy” fresh. This means you will be able to repeat the author’s success and even scale the campaign up! 

We thank Pavel for the case study; he’s already a regular contributor with us (Telegram @skarteze). 

Traffic: Push Notifications
Affiliate network: C3PA
Offer: Bitcoin Revolution
The campaign period: 16/03/2020 to 31/03/2020
GEO: Canada
Spent: $690
Revenue: $2200
Net Profit: $1510
ROI: 219%

At the end of May, I had a great combination (traffic+offer+creatives) that gave a very good conversion from Facebook and I decided to test it with Push notifications. For this purpose, I chose, as usual, my favorite network – PropellerAds. I have already written several case studies for them, so I had some bonus money on my account, which helped me to significantly increase my profit. Make money with your case studies!

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I had a pre-lander ready:

propellerads - case - study - crypto - pre-lander

All that I needed was to edit it according to the network rules. For example, remove celebrities or replace them with something that fits the requirements. More about policy requirements

Then I added a calculator to the pre-lander. On Facebook it had helped to increase CR a bit: 

Ad creatives

I used the same creatives that I was using on Facebook. I took the text for them from the title of the pre-lander. 

How to Test Ad Creatives for Push Notifications

I also used some creative ads with pictures of money and luxury goods. For example, the bitcoin symbol against the background of money. Sadly, I do not have any images left, that I actually used in this campaign, but they looked like this: 

The texts I used were: “Earn 1190$ (random number) a day”, “Working method to get rich quick” “Earn more than 13 000$ in a month” and so on. 

Here are more good examples of ad creatives, that definitely gave good conversion: 

Campaign setup and results

As usual, I divided my campaigns by devices (mobile and desktop) and by audience activity levels (low, medium, and high). 

The results by audience and devices were as follows: 

Desktop always gives a better conversion, but the results for the activity levels were surprising. This time, the high activity audience was unexpectedly good. If you have read my other case study about crypto with PropellerAds, you know what I mean.

General stats from the tracker:

Stats from the affiliate network: 

There are a bit more leads in the affiliate network: they came from other GEOs. 


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It was possible to further optimize the campaign: add some platforms to blacklist, remove part of the audience, include new ad creatives. But, I had other tasks to take care of. 

So, the case is not exhausted yet, you can try to recreate it! With the right approach, I am sure you will succeed 😉

Bonus – Zone ID

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