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An offer with a high payoff and top-tier GEO. Sounds like a difficult combination, but with the right approach, it can be a very profitable one… Would you like to master this approach?

One of our affiliate partners has run a crypto-campaign for Australia and earned an impressive profit. Let’s learn from his example! 

Ad Format: Push Notifications
Affiliate Network: Aivix
Offer: 3794 Bitcoin UP CPA English 
Campaign period: 15/07/2020 – 21/07/2020
GEO: Australia
Spent: $627
Income: $1300
Revenue: $673
ROI: 107%

The Offer

Hello all! Let me explain how I ran a campaign with a top-tier GEO – that’s luxury Tier-1, which everyone wants to work with. 🙂 And yes, it’s about Australia.

But let’s get to the point. 

First, a couple of points about the offer

Bitcoin UP is the typical bitcoin-trading – with hefty payoffs. The minimal deposit for this offer is 250$. And because Australia is a very prolific GEO, I bid a 650$ deposit. 

Choosing a network for the campaign

I chose a network based on several aspects: 

●     The traffic volume

Australia is a big GEO.

●     The total amount of traffic

Here I used my previous experience with other GEOs. I chose PropellerAds because they offer the best quality!

Ad format and targeting setup 

Regarding format and targeting, I work with push only. The targeting was based on just one aspect: platform. I was targeting mobile devices only.

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic: What All Affiliates Need to Know

I would also add that I ran the campaign for all audiences at once, I didn’t divide my campaigns based on user activity.

Ad creatives and landing page

For the ad creative I chose the straightforward approach:


This GEO is a difficult one, so I decided not to make many ad creatives. I wanted to try it out first to find out if it even worked at all.

The same goes for the landing page. There was only one landing page, provided by the affiliate network and created specifically for Australia.

A typical approach using news:


And a success story:


Campaign results

Now to the numbers. Here is what my tracker shows:


But here are some small inaccuracies.  For some reason, Keitaro always overestimates the expenses from PropellerAds. Here you can see what the statistics of this campaign look like in PropellerAds:


And here are the stats from Aivix. The numbers here are a bit higher because I worked with Australia not only with PropellerAds:


Why did I stop the campaign? 

Now I’ll explain, why I eventually stopped the campaign: 

The campaign was working well from the start, but then it started to burn out and lose its CTR. I came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to change ad creatives and divide the traffic according to users’ activity. I did this, but much later, on totally different campaigns based on different approaches.  

By the way, I didn’t create blacklists, because the amount of wasted traffic was low.

In conclusion

What else can I add about Australia? This GEO is very small, so your ad creative will be active literally for 2-3 days. Australia likes it when there are many ad creatives and many different landing pages. That’s all for now.

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