With so many ways to make money online, it can get a little confusing which avenue to choose. You could write your own eBook, sell affiliate products, or create an email list and hope that prospects buy what you email.

But all of them take a lot of time and effort and don’t guarantee you will get any revenue. Maybe it’s because you can’t write so well, don’t know which affiliate products to sell, or are hopeless with list building. What then?

PropellerAds – that’s what!

Unlike any other form of website monetization, PropellerAds doesn’t require you to have any skills or online marketing knowledge. 

And here are the 11 main reasons why thousands of website owners and Internet marketers are using PropellerAds to make money online.

publishers webinar - 6 effective ways to monetize

#1. No Advanced Code-Editing Skills Required

(except for a little copy and pasting)

The best thing about our business model for publishers, is that our monetization solutions do all the work. Once you place our ads on your site (by simply copy and pasting), there is little else for you to do. Once traffic starts engaging with your ads, you’ll start generating revenue instantly.

You don’t need any technical skills, and we even have a knowledge base showing you how to place ads on your website. 

Working with us, it’s a 100% passive income stream.

#2. Easy to get started

Unlike other advertising networks that require your website to meet certain requirements, one of our unique features is that it’s super easy to get started. 

Your account is activated as soon as you sign-up. And once in, you can literally start earning within minutes.

We accept all websites that meet our relaxed terms and conditions. Whether you created your website today and only have a handful of visitors, or bring thousands of unique views each day – you can call PropellerAds your new home.

#3. We work alongside other monetization platforms

If you’re already using AdSense but want to further increase your website revenue, you can do it. In fact, PropellerAds can be used in conjunction with several other monetization platforms.

There are very few limitations you’ll encounter when using our service, and our ads are a great way to maximize your website’s earning potential.

#4. Transparent reporting tools that allow you to be in control of your monetization

Our reporting features give you detailed metrics on ad performance. Some of the data you’ll get with us includes:

  • Ad Formats
  • Country
  • Zone
  • Impressions / CPM
  • Subscribers / CPS
  • Profit

You can segment and filter dates to show specific ads and date ranges. In fact, you can use this setting for testing ads, and once you see which format is the best, you can optimize it. On top of that, you’ll be able to see how much revenue your website is generating on a daily basis.

monetization income

#5. More monetization methods than you know what to do with

Certain ads and texts can badly influence your users’ experience, or even attract the wrong kind of traffic. In order to avoid this, it’s best to work with verified monetization methods that won’t make you lose time and money.

In fact, Propeller Ads offers a number of diverse monetization methods to cater to any type of website and generate only the highest quality traffic. 

In fact, here are the most popular monetization ways from which you can choose:

monetization formats

We’ve tested and fully optimized each of these formats to provide advertisers with the best possible ROI, making your website just irresistible. 

#6. A Flawless fill rate and Global Coverage

Most advertising networks have a fill rate of less than 60%, which translates to possible revenue loss. What does that mean? That from the 100 users navigating on your website, only 60 will be shown ads, while the other 40 see nothing.

However, Propeller Ads has a 100% fill rate, ensuring you maximize revenue for each and every visitor. Moreover, unlike many other advertising networks, we can help you monetize international traffic. That is right! Including traffic from hard to monetize countries, which makes us the perfect choice if your site receives traffic from multiple geographical locations.

This happens because we have an impressive variety of advertisers in every corner of the globe, handling absolutely every niche. And that is how you can have 0 impressions wasted, but also what makes us widely popular in emerging economies.

#7. You Get Clean Ads Only

And we make sure of that by moderating them 24/7. This way, you get no viruses, no malware, or obscene Content. Your users will trust your website to provide a safe and pleasant experience.

With nowadays fast-forwarded pace, it is crucial to offer a safe place for users, just as much as it is to constantly refresh your content and invest in an excellent UX. Focus on delivering high quality throughout every page of your website, through the content you provide, as well as through the ads. Doing so, they always come back and remain loyal.

In addition, the risk of triggering Google’s bots that might accidentally ban your website is greatly reduced this way. So, think forward and plan a long-term strategy that will help you boost your traffic and increase your incomes, at the same time.

#8. We Provide you with AdBlock Bypass Solutions

That is correct! With our Anti-AdBlock system, you won’t have to worry about missing out on valuable traffic due to these pesky extensions that block ads and filter content. Moreover, by simply adding our Anti-AdBlock code to your website, you can gain 50% or even 80% more traffic for your website, while also making your website immune to antivirus filters. 

And that’s not even all: you can use it with any format, and integrate it either using a Javascript of PHP code, for which you can even consult our extensive knowledge center or ask for assistance from our Account Managers.  

#9. Exceptional Referral Program

As soon as you join PropellerAds, you get assigned a personal referral code. Sharing this with an upcoming PropellerAds Publisher means that you automatically get the equivalent of 5% of your referrals profits.

For example, let’s say that your referral earns $10,000 in one month. Come payment time, and your account additionally gets credited with 5% of your referrals profit: 

5% x $10,000 = $500

Just like that, and without even lifting a finger to get extra money. And no, we won’t take those $500 from your friend’s profit, but pay them to you, for your referral contribution. 

Obviously, the more referrals you bring, the more you get. So make sure to check the referral section from your cabinet’s menu and start making additional income from your referrals’ work.

#10. Propeller Priority Program

Propeller also rewards publishers that like to play in the bigger leagues, with its one-of-a-kind Propeller Priority Program. 

What does this mean for you? Put simply: the more you make, the more your conditions improve. Just check the table below (which you can also find in your cabinet under Priority Program), and see for yourself:

How would you like getting paid twice a month, or even more, having a hold of only 2 days, and accessing our Priority Support Line? Or maybe you’re more interested in getting in touch with your Personal Account Manager, or getting access to the custom PropellerAds API. 

#11. The easiest Payouts across the globe

  • Hold period of only 4 days
  • Payments every Thursday
  • 6 withdrawal methods
  • Fully automated payout
  • Minimum withdrawal $5

Working with PropellerAds, you don’t even have to be on the platform for the payout. In fact, once you’ve registered for a publisher’s account with PropellerAds, you can already set up your payouts. 


Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult. Creating your own products or building a list requires a lot of skill and doesn’t guarantee revenue. 

On the other hand, PropellerAds is a 100% passive income stream for all websites that receive traffic. It requires minimum effort to set-up, accounts are activated instantly, and you can start earning immediately.

And of course we know the result of 5 + 6 (it’s 11, duuh!). But we just wanted to underline that the 6 extra reasons represent the changes we’ve made for you, over the past few years. And we’re not done yet. So stay tuned for even more goodies, from your trusted advertising partner – PropellerAds. 

What are you waiting for? 

Sign up today and maximize your advertising revenue!

Editor’s Note: Originally published on September 11, 2015, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.